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With so many Frenchie breeders out there, why choose us?

We are your trusted French Bulldog breeder in Indiana, and we take our reputation as such very seriously.

Here's why:

. . . PLACEMENT . . .

Above all else we believe there is a "perfect fit" puppy out there for everyone, they just need to be matched! We take our pup placements VERY seriously. We want to make sure you are getting the lifelong companion you want, who fits your unique lifestyle - and that our little bundle of joy gets the home environment they need and deserve.

. . . HEALTH . . .

There are so many poor health dogs out there in this breed that we love. While these things do happen, we really strive make sure we avoid these things in our program at all costs! We only breed health tested Frenchies, and they must be tested (health and temperament) long before we even consider them for breeding! So we can rest assured our dogs are good to go when it comes to health. In fact - we guarantee it! Each and every puppy we produce here at Homegrown Frenchies comes with a full health guarantee.


Our dogs are in house dogs. They are well loved family pets - first and foremost. Their pups are well socialized and raised under foot in our home - shaping them to be confident, well rounded, puppies when they head home, so of course they come pre-spoiled

. . . AFFILIATIONS . . .

We have been noticed as part of the Responsible Breeding Program with, are active members of the Purina Pro Club, and we are also part of the Breeder Support Program through Trupanion Pet Insurance. With this membership, all of our puppies will go home with FREE insurance for the first 30 days!

. . . DISCOUNTS . . .

We like to give back and give credit where credit is due. Because of this we offer several different discount options such as repeat families, local placements, military, healthcare, teachers, first responders, etc. Don't hesitate to reach out for further clarification!  

. . . FINANCING . . .

In 2023 we joined forces with Terrace Finance to offer financing options for our clients who may choose to spread the cost of a Frenchie out over time, instead of one lump sum all at once. Interested in applying? Let us know and we'd be more than happy to send you our personal, safe, program link to start the quick and easy application process. 


We are an active LLC business. Breeding French Bulldogs is our passion, and serves as a hobby for our family, and we spare no expense to make sure we operate legitimately


Last but not least, we only breed purebred, and well-bred, AKC registered French Bulldogs - No mixes and no other breeds! Since this is our only focus we are able to maintain the level of excellence you seek as a potential Homegrown client!

Our reputation precedes us time and time again, and the quality we are producing here is evident in the numerous reviews we have from real life Homegrown families - these can be seen on Google and Facebook.

Why Choose Us?: Available Pets
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