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CONTACT LIST. We take a no cost contact list at confirmation of pregnancy. This list is litter specific, and does not roll over to other litters. There is no fee for this, but also no guarantee you will be placed with a puppy. Ultimately litter size, placement order, among other things all play a part in this outcome.

PRICING. Our pricing generally starts around $4,000. We are more than willing to give a price estimate once the contact list is open for a specific breeding, but these are not fully set just yet. This is because we do our pricing a little different around here! You see, each individual litter will have its own unique pricing. We set this on the day of delivery and it will not change for any reason thereafter! This is mainly based on the specific reproductive expenses (progesterone testing, stud fees, shipping costs, artificial insemination, ultrasound/x-ray*radiograph, emergency vetting, cesarean, etc) of this breeding and the pedigree of the pairing. We do NOT charge differently within a litter for certain colors, gender, structure, markings, etc. It's all the same to us! The only variation within the same litter would be "PET ONLY RIGHTS" on a spay/neuter limited AKC contract or "FULL RIGHTS" for breeding and show. 

RESERVATIONS. We require deposits to hold pups. We start going down our list, in order, when pups are somewhere between 3-5 weeks of age. At this time, when contacted, you will be have to opportunity to reserve your perfect fit French Bulldog puppy.



Hopefully we will have more pups coming fall/winter 2024

We currently do not have any upcoming litters, but we do have two current litters born in July. Feel free to see our "current litters" page for a peek at them! We also have some plans for later this year as well! Please see our "Planned Breedings" page for more information on what's to come.

Upcoming Litters: Available Pets
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