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Drako is a lilac & tan a-typical merle guy. He has a gorgeous coat and striking ice blue eyes. He is a young male at just 2.5 years old and has a lot of energy. He is available as a pet or a breeding addition. He is a loving guy who for sure has a sweet side! Being a bit older, he is past the troubles of the "puppy stage" and is house broken & crate trained. He would do well in a home with older children but may be too much for little ones as he will jump and get rowdy when excited. He would definitely be chill as a solo dog, but also likely accepting of a female doggy friend - NO MALES! He is a great stud dog if looking for a breeding prospect. Collects easily, ships well, and produces excellent puppies. DNA- ata, BB, dd, coco, mM, kbky, EmEm, NS. Health testing is CLEAR. Has no known allergies or "typical frenchie issues". He's a great guy! We are sad to lose him and only find ourselves looking for home placement due to his issues with other male dogs, as we do have more than him in our household and it is causing issues in our environment. 


Pet Home $1,000

Breeding Home $3,000


Available Adults: About
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