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Take a look at our beautiful previous four-legged Dams and Sires.

These are dogs who helped shape our program into what it is today! Our program dogs are spayed/neutered after their final litters and spend their retirement years with us, or with their guardian families (if they were guardian dogs while in our program).

We are forever grateful to these Kings and Queens for giving us such a solid foundation to build off of.



Rucca Bella Blue

(Foundation female bred by Holcomb's French Bulldogs)

Before retiring Rucci blessed us with 3 exceptional litters.

Rucci X Mr.Butters *Brooklyn, Peaches, Hank, Roxy, and Rex*

Rucci X Prince *Hudson*

Rucci X Cru *Bandz, Harlow, Lucy, and Ransom*



Hot Havanna Blaze

(Foundation female bred by One Dog Run's French Bulldogs)

Before retiring Havanna blessed us with 2 amazing litters.

Havanna X Floki *Lettie & Fogo*

Havanna X Pablo *Radish, Walter, Mo, Ruby & Louie*



Somewhere In Brooklyn

(First generation production female bred by us here at Homegrown Frenchies *Rucci X Mr.Butters* litter)

Before retiring Brooklyn blessed us with 2 beautiful litters.

Brooklyn X Romeo *Gus, Winnie, Duncan, & Newt*

Brooklyn X Cletus *Agador & Giselle*



Aspen's Pied Pearl

(Foundation female bred by Holcomb's French Bulldogs)

Before retiring Aspen blessed us with 3 perfect litters.

Aspen X Mr.Butters *Duchess Arya, Rosie, Yeti, & Coco*

Aspen X Romeo (2021) *Finn, RIP, & Winston*

Aspen X Romeo (2022) *Maleficent, Voodoo, Winston, Violet, Mylo, and Roman Blu*

Retired Program Dogs: Females
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